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I am just so impressed on how i recieved my baby green iguana so ...
–Timothy Stinson

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About 10 months ago I got 2red ear slider turtles, at first I was...

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I just wanted to say thanks for sending my Haitian bird eating ta...
–keven legacy

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Terms & Conditions

Please note that your failure to read our terms whether accidental or intentional
will not in under any circumstances be a reason to consider them void or altered.

CONDITIONAL LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE **: All animals are conditionally guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy for a period of 7 days provided that all the following conditions are met.

  1. Low temperatures must be 40 degrees or above and high temperatures must be below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures conditions must be met at both the facility where the reptile or amphibian ships as well as the destination location.
  2. The reptile or amphibian must be recieved by the customer or by someone designated as the receiver. Parcels that must be left at the doorstep by the shipping service because the customer is not home will null and void our guarantee on live arrival. This is especially important when the weather at the delivery location is below frezzing or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. You must provide ReptilesNCritters.com with a valid address*. Failure to include such important details as an apartment or suite number, numerical street address or an incorrect zip code may result in the animal not being delivered, or worse, being delivered to the wrong house or apartment. If the animal returns to us unharmed we will reship it only when we have received a personal confirmation of the validity of your address. However, in this situation we really cannot be expected to pay for shipping again if you gave us an incorrect address. Additional shipping charges will be assessed and must be paid in advance before we ship the animal back to you. In the worst case scenario, when as a result of your giving us an incorrect address and the animal returns to us dead, no refund will be extended to you, and will have to purchase a new animal.

    * No P.O. Box's allowed. P.O. Box's only work if your using the postal service. The major private shipping companies, FedEx, UPS, and FedEx, cannot deliver to a P.O. box. If you purchase an animal from us and provide only a P.O. box then your tying our hands together so to speak. We will make every attempt to contact you via email or telephone but if we receive no communication from you within 30 business days we will have to choice but to issue an automatic refund.

Failure to meet any one of these requirements will void the guarantee of any claims.

CREDITS AND REFUNDS: Three criteria must meet before a claim will be considered:

1. You must first meet the three conditions set forth in our guarantee as stated above. If you fail to meet any one of those three conditions no claim will be considered.

2. You must report in detail the exact problem with your order within 12 hours from the time the animal arrived at your home. Please email us through our website contact form on our website to advise us of the problem. Again please be sure to include your name, date and time, and a detailed description of the exact nature of the problem your are reporting. If you do not report the exact problem to us within 12 hours no claim will be considered.

3. PROOF OF DEATH OR INJURY: The problem animals (alive or dead) must be photographed with a camera after which you can either email us the images at support@reptilesncritters.com or mail the prints to our business address. Photos should taken in good lighting conditions. You may take as many pictures from as many different angles as you wish. Additionally, we also require photograph of the address label on the box your animals came in. This is needed to establish beyond any doubt that you are one of our customers. Please take a picture of the dead animal on top off, or right next to, the address label of the box. If your sending us digital images please to not exceed 1.5 megabytes per image. This is how your claim will be verified. If you are unwilling or unable to photograph the animals (alive or dead) then no claim will be considered.

4. GETTING THE REFUND: Once we have determined that you have a valid claim we will process your refund through PayPal. Once we issue the refund, your credit card should be credited within 3 - 5 business days. If you do not want a refund then we will issue you a store credit. Store credit to be used on your next order will be offered at our discretion.
PLEASE NOTE: Shipping charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds only apply to D.O.A. reptiles or amphibians.

RESHIPMENT OF ANIMAL POLICY: To receive a replacement animal you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You meet all three of the criterion as set out in our CONDITIONAL LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE.
  2. You have contacted us within 12 hours of your D.O.A. arrival as outlined in our CREDITS AND REFUNDS policy on this page.
  3. You have provided us with photographic* proof of your dead animal by either emailing us digital images or mailing us regular photo prints as outlined in our PROOF OF DEATH OR INJURY POLICY.

*Point number 3 may be waived if the customer does not have camera or way of sending us a photo of the dead animal. This will be handled on a case by case basis.

After we have determined that you have met ALL of the criterion of the policies as outlined on this page we will make a new attempt to reship a new animal to you. We will cover the entire cost of the replacement animal but the cost of shipping a replacement animal must be paid for by the customer. Shipping charges for an unlimited number of animals per order is $44.95. The cost of shipping must be paid in advance by the customer to be collected over the phone or via a PayPal money request sent to your email address. If you decide that you do not wish to receive a new animal we will issue a partial refund that covers the cost of the animal minus the shipping and handling charge. We cannot refund or credit shipping. NOTE: In the event that the replacement animal dies during shipping we will NOT make a third attempt at delivery but will simply cut our loses by issuing a refund for the amount of the animal(s) minus the original shipping charge.

Cancellation of Orders: You may cancel your order at anytime prior to shipping and receive a full refund of your payment. Orders that have already been shipped and then canceled will be assessed shipping charges both ways and a 20% restocking fee. After these charges have been deducted the remainder or your payment will be refunded provided the animal returns to us alive and unharmed. Please note that for any reason, your refusal to accept an order that has been shipped will be considered as cancellation of the order and all the previously mentioned charges will be applied. We reserve the right to refuse to take your order or cancel it at any time without explanation.

Legal Requirements: ReptilesNCritters.com, (includes all staff, business partners, or affiliates) will not knowingly ship any animals in violation of state or federal laws. If we advise you that an animal is illegal in your state and you believe that we are incorrect all you need to do is provide us with verifiable proof that the activity is legal in your state or municipality. (Almost all major cities ban the ownership of anything that is considered poisonous for example) The following will be considered as verifiable proof: A letter from the appropriate agency that regulates the activity stating that it is legal. Reference to the "official" web site of the appropriate regulating agency where it clearly shows the animal is legal to own. A copy of a permit or letter of authorization from the regulating agency showing that you are allowed to possess the regulated or banned animals.

Pricing: Prices are subject to change without notice and at our discretion.

Notice: Terms, policies, prices, and other information are solely at ReptilesNCritters.com discretion and subject to change at anytime without notice. Please note that your failure to read our terms whether accidental or intentional will not under any circumstances be a reason to consider them void or altered.


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