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Img I have never purchased online until recently, and i was referred to this website by arachnid hobbyists. A little worried, I gave it a shot and purchased a skeleton tarantula. She was shipped and delivered just on time. to my dismay, however, she died within 3 days, showing awful behaviors. when she passed, I took a few pictures of her body and sent them to Mr. Robert Crespo, telling him that i was sure she was shipped during a pre-molt. Mr. Crespo got back to me very quickly and agreed that she was under the stress of a pre-molt stage when shipped. He offered to mail me a new tarantula free of cost! I decided to go with a different species, a Mexican Redrump. She was shipped that day and she arrived this morning. as soon as i unpacked her, she was full of energy and life and she's STUNNING. Mr. Crespo did a great job in correcting the situation and had made me very happy. thank you incredibly for the wonderful service!

Stephanie G. Martinez - September 11, 2013