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Img I was counting fingers and toes as I was taking them out of their shipping box. I am pretty sure most of what I got was WC but all stayed on my hand and took a butter worm; one curly tailed took 3. The red sided skinks were so sweet and gentle. Till one saw the beetle the super-worm turns into and in a flash it was on it and killed it rather savagely then spit it out and walked away. Everyone acted like they had already been played with and liked it. Couldn't ask for a better shipment. All toes and fingers, all eating right away, two pair are already mating, no fighting, smart enough to find the water fountain right away. I had put really warm water in them before I opened the box and a lot of the skinks sat on top of where the water comes out like it was their personal water jet. Ordering more right away. Talk about quality and knowledge of staff.

Sharon Webb - February 29, 2012